House management

For your house in Tuscany, near the sea or in the countryside, we offer any kind of support: cleanings, plumbing and electrical emergency, garden and swimmingpool management, periodic inspections and many other services to take totally care of your house.

We also provide free inspections to identify the more suitable customised services for your house and your needs, so to combine your satisfaction with the best prices.


⟩ Systems maintenance

⟩ Garden and swimming pool management

⟩ General facilities maintenance

⟩ Cleanings

Administrative services

⟩ Keys storage

⟩ Taxes and bills payment

⟩ Home insurance

⟩ Alarm systems installation

Forniture and design solutions

⟩ Interior furniture shop

⟩ Outdoor furniture shop

⟩ Forniture and design solutions

Private events

⟩ catering

⟩ Parties

⟩ Events


Domus Care
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57016 Rosignano Solvay (Li), Borgo Marina Cala de’ Medici
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Domus Care brand of Marina’s Service srl - 01677950493